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An affordable, travel-friendly smart telescope aimed at those with no previous experience in astronomy

The Unistellar Odyssey represents something of a milestone for smart telescopes. In contrast to its siblings in the ‘Expert’ range – the Unistellar eVscope 2 and eVscope eQuinox 2 – the Odyssey takes things back to basics. 

A modest 3.35-inch/85mm reflector telescope with a focal length of 320mm runs for just five hours – half that of the ‘Expert’ telescopes. It also cuts down on resolution, offering 3.4 megapixels, but that’s still more than some smart telescopes.

However, at 4 kg it’s much smaller than an eVscope, making it much easier to store and travel with – and there’s no eyepiece to fuss with. 

Add Unistellar’s proprietary new Multi-Depth Technology, which allows the Odyssey to switch instantly from observing deep-sky objects to planets and the moon, this easy to use smart telescope might just be the sweet spot for beginners looking for their first smart telescope. 

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Full review to follow soon.

Unistellar Odyssey: price and availability

  • Announced at the CES Show, Las Vegas in January 2024
  • Originally on sale in January 2024
  • On sale for US$2,499 / UK£2,199 / €2,499

Unistellar Odyssey: electronics and battery

  • Sony Exmor CMOS sensor (TBC)
  • 64GB hard disk
  • Built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery (5 hours) 

Unistellar Odyssey: mount and tripod

  • Motorized single-arm altazimuth GoTo
  • Aluminum, adjustable height tripod

Unistellar Odyssey: optics

  • 3.35-inch/85mm reflector
  • 320mm focal length

Unistellar Odyssey: field of view

  • Increased to 34 x 47 arcminutes 
  • Large enough for Pleiades and Andromeda galaxy
  • Multi-Depth Technology for switching between deep-sky and solar system objects

Odyssey: set-up and alignment

  • Smart Star Finder
  • Stellar Autofocus

Odyssey: control and app

  • New Unistellar app for 2024
These images have been shared with us by Unistellar: 

Odyssey: image quality

  • 3.4 megapixels
  • JPEG, TIFF and FITS file types
  • Enhanced Vision algorithm
  • Deep Dark Technology
  • Amplified Resolution
  • Dynamic Signal Amplification

Odyssey: sample images

  • Images shared to social media come pre-formatted and captioned
  • Lossless files can be saved to the telescope hard disk
These images have been shared with us by Unistellar: 

The moon

The Dumbbell Nebula

Unistellar Odyssey

The Tarantula Nebula

Unistellar Odyssey


Odyssey: specifications

PriceUS$2,499 / UK£2,199 / €2,499
Optics85mm (3.35-inch) reflector
Focal length320mm, f/3.9
Field of view34 x 47 arcminutes (0.56 x 0.78 degrees)
Image resolution3.4 megapixels
Image formatJPEG, TIFF, FITS
MountMotorized single arm, altaz, Go-To
BatteryBuilt-in lithium-ion rechargeable (5 hours)
TripodAluminum, adjustable height
App controlUnistellar app for smartphones
Weight8.8 lbs / 4 kg
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