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French company Vaonis was one of the first companies to design a smart telescope with the launch of the Vaonis Stellina. An upgraded version remains its flagship product, though 2022 saw the debut of a smaller and more affordable variant called the Vaonis Vespera.

Way back in 2021 Vaonis announced the launch of the Vaonis Hypera, a much larger and more expensive product that would instantly become its flagship smart telescope. However, there’s been no sign of it going on sale as of 2023.

Here are all the smart telescopes manufactured by Vaonis:

Vaonis Hyperia Observation Station (due to go on sale in 2023/2024)

Vaonis smart telescope - Vespera

Vaonis Vespera Observation Station

Vaonis smart telescope - Stellina

Vaonis Stellina Observation Station

Vaonis smart telescope - Hypera

Vaonis Hyperia Observation Station

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